composite roof tile high winds

Top 6 Roofing Materials for High Wind Areas

Living in Florida comes with many benefits—the sunny, warm weather, access to the beach, and palm trees lining every street. However, in St. Augustine, this beautiful weather comes with high winds and intense storms, especially during hurricane season. There are several durable, wind-resistant roofing materials that we might suggest for your house. Factors like the […]

Dealing With An HOA During A Roof Replacement

Dealing With an HOA During a Roof Replacement

If you live in a homeowners’ association-run community, also known as an HOA, it can be challenging to work out the details of your roofing repairs. HOAs notoriously nit-pick when it comes to overall renovation projects, and can stipulate strict rules that go beyond local building codes. Noise, views, and fence building, among other issues, […]

5 Common Problems Flat Roofs Are Known For

5 Common Problems Flat Roofs Are Known For

Flat roofs are popular for sheds, garages, patios, and commercial buildings. While they are simple to construct, they require significantly more maintenance than a shingled roof. At Elite Remodeling Services, we specialize in Florida flat roofs. Give us a call at (904) 657-8383. Depending on the material of your flat roof, it may truly be […]

Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

The onset of spring often means prioritizing cleaning the interior and exterior of your home. One of the essential areas that could do with a thorough spring clean is your roof. With rain, hail, strong winds, lightening and thunder of spring, make sure that you give it the care it deserves to see it through […]

Roofing Permit Florida

Will I Need a Roofing Permit?

If you are doing some work on your home, you don’t want to run into any legal trouble. There are guidelines for when homeowners or contractors need to obtain permits. Let Elite Remodeling Services handle all of these legalities for you. Call our St Augustine based roofers today at (904) 657-8383. A roofing permit is […]

Concrete Roofing Problems

Common Problems with Concrete Roof Shingles

Concrete roof shingles have appealing features, including durability and a distinctive look. They also come with their fair share of problems. Here are some of the most common issues with concrete roof shingles and why you should contact Elite Remodeling Services in St Augustine, FL, to fix them. The Weight It should come as no […]

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