Slate Roof Repair Or Replacement

Are You in Need of Slate Roof Repair or Replacement?

Many homeowners consider slate tiles to be a superior roofing material. Slate is highly durable, has excellent color options and patterns, and can last for decades with regular maintenance. Despite these advantages, slate roof repair and replacement are still necessary under specific circumstances.

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How Long Do Slate Roofs Last?

The longevity of a slate roof depends on several factors, such as material type, upkeep, and the quality of the installation. High-quality hard slate tiles with a proper installation can last between 75 to 200 years. Soft slate tiles can last for up to 50 to 125 years under the same conditions.

Despite the long lifespan of a slate roof, you might need to replace the original slate earlier than you expect. For instance, if you move into a home with an older roof, you might need to think about replacing the roof if it is nearing the end of its life. Slate roofs can also sustain damage that requires repair.

Types of Slate Roof Damage

One of the top benefits of installing a slate roof is its exceptional durability, due to its weight and natural construction. However, it can take direct damage from wind. Hail can also puncture the tiles or chip their corners.

Wind and hail damage might not seem significant, but they pose a severe risk to the roof system. Moisture could destroy the underlayment and decking if water seeps under a loose, missing, or damaged tile. Over time, the leaks could get into the house, leading to mold damage and pest infestations.

Flashing and Fastening

The most vulnerable aspects of a slate roof are the fastening and flashing. These metal components don’t last as long as natural slate, so they create leaks when they deteriorate. Even if the slate tiles are in excellent condition, the flashing and fasteners can jeopardize the roof’s structural integrity.

Most fasteners consist of copper wire nails, steel cut nails, and galvanized steel nails. Properly installing these components on a hard slate roof usually allows the metal to age with the slate. However, old or soft slate tiles can absorb moisture around the nails, which could penetrate the metal and cause complications.

Slate Roof Repair

Slate Roof Repair St Augustine Florida

The best way to prolong your slate roof’s lifespan is to hire an experienced roofing contractor to repair the damage. Replacement slate tiles are essential for patching bald areas that result from fallen tiles. You would also need to repair hail damage and broken tiles by replacing them individually.

It’s not always easy to realize you need slate roof repair, which is why annual roof inspections are vital to the health of the roof system. A typical assessment usually involves:

  • Examining the attic for signs of water damage from a roof leak
  • Checking the roof from outside using binoculars
  • Conducting a tap test on fallen tiles to determine if they failed due to weak fasteners or deterioration

If you notice any missing or broken slate tiles or have evidence of a roof leak inside your home, contact our professional roofing contractor immediately for assistance.

Slate Roof Replacement

There are many pros and cons to slate roofs. Repairing your slate roof might not be the best solution if too much of your roof has sustained damage. The general rule for roofs is to replace them if 20% to 30% of the tiles or shingles have damage, especially if the damage is not in one centralized location. You should also replace a slate roof if the system is nearing the end of its lifespan or if the slate has substantial flaking.

Slate roof repair and replacement requires exceptional roofing expertise. A knowledgeable roofing contractor has the experience necessary to inspect a slate roof and determine if it needs repairs or replacement.

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