Faux Slate Roof

Is Faux Slate Roofing Good for Florida Homes?

People often consider slate tiles one of the best roofing materials available for Florida homes. However, synthetic or faux slate is a modern take on a classic natural stone roofing material. If you’re planning to install or replace the roof on your Florida house, you might want to use authentic slate—but what about its synthetic counterpart?

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What Is Faux Slate Roof Tile?

Faux slate is a synthetic roofing material that closely mirrors the beauty and quality of an authentic slate roof without using natural slate. Manufacturers make synthetic slate by injecting or compressing a mixture of rubber and plastic into metal molds that resemble slate tiles or shingles’ size, shape, and texture.

Synthetic slate roofing is available in multiple styles to complement any home architectural style. Some brands use virgin petroleum-based materials to make faux slate tiles, while others blend recycled plastic or rubber with cellulose fibers or mineral dust. Even the recycled materials are high-quality to produce top-tier roofing tiles.

Benefits of Synthetic Slate Tiles

Benefits Of Synthetic Slate Tiles

Choosing to use faux slate tiles on your Florida home doesn’t mean you are settling for less. Working with this type of roofing comes with several advantages. Faux slate is:

  • Environmentally Friendly: It’s possible to recycle all types of faux slate tiles, even those with virgin materials, at the end of the roof’s lifespan.
  • Durable: Synthetic tiles have excellent durability, especially for sun exposure. Manufacturers incorporate advanced UV ray inhibitors to help them last longer under persisting sunlight.
  • Safe Against Storm Damage: Faux slate tiles also consist of impact modifiers to make them more resilient against storm damage. Most faux tiles also have Class A fire resistance, which helps protect them against fires outside the home.
  • Easy to Install: This roofing material is lightweight, making it easier to transport and install.
  • Cost-Effective: Though faux slate tiles are not the most cost-effective roofing material, they are less expensive than clay tile and natural slate.

Disadvantages of a Faux Slate Roof System

Synthetic slate roof tile is an excellent roofing material, but it isn’t without its drawbacks. Because the material consists of flexible materials like rubber and plastic, the tiles can be susceptible to:

  • Cracking
  • Curling
  • Moisture damage
  • Discoloration

Installation by a reputable roofing contractor with natural and synthetic slate roofing experience is the best way to keep your roof in optimal condition. Skilled contractors will use quality materials and the appropriate installation techniques to ensure that your synthetic slate tile roof will last for decades with routine maintenance.

Synthetic Slate Roof vs. Natural Slate Roof

A natural slate roof has a classy, authentic appeal because it consists of natural stone. The material is also available in various colors, patterns, textures, and sizes so that homeowners can customize their roofs easily. Slate roofs can last between 125 to 200 years with proper care.

Faux slate roofing can last 50 to 100 years, with several brands offering 50-year warranties. Though it doesn’t last as long as natural slate, its lighter weight makes the synthetic variety easier to install. It is exceptionally durable and robust, thanks to the modifiers within the material.

Is Faux Slate a Good Roofing Material for Florida Homes?

The short answer is yes. The construction of faux slate roof tiles offers exceptional protection against sun, storm, and fire damage without sacrificing the roof’s appearance. The material can complement any house style and last for years. There are several synthetic slate manufacturers to choose from, some much better than others.

Choosing between a natural slate roof and a faux slate roof for your home is a significant decision. No matter what type of material you select for your roof installation, you can be confident that a reliable roofing contractor with experience working with both kinds of slate tiles can expertly handle your roofing project. If it’s time to replace your slate roof we can help!

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