Roofing Permit Florida

Will I Need a Roofing Permit?

If you are doing some work on your home, you don’t want to run into any legal trouble. There are guidelines for when homeowners or contractors need to obtain permits. Let Elite Remodeling Services handle all of these legalities for you. Call our St Augustine based roofers today at (904) 657-8383.

A roofing permit is the same type of permit you would need for any major home renovations. You typically need a permit if:

  • You are building an addition to your house
  • Your work will cost over $10,000
  • You are making structural changes to your home

A change is structural if it affects the parts of your house that hold it together. While you would not need a permit to replace just a few shingles on your roof, you would need one to replace all of the shingles.

Most minor repairs do not require a permit. However, you can check the requirements for your location online.

Benefits of Getting a Permit

Having a permit gives you peace of mind. Permits:

  • Protect you from fines
  • Protect you from being told to remove or stop your construction
  • Ensure the work being done is up to code

Are you replacing or drastically modifying your roof with the hopes of selling your home in the future? A buyer may ask to see your permit to make sure the work was lawfully done.

Who Can Get a Roofing Permit?

Maybe you are planning on doing the entire roofing job yourself. If you are the homeowner, you can legally obtain a roofing permit for work done on your home.

However, you may find it easier to hire outside help. A licensed contractor can also get a permit. In order to get one, the contractor has to be in good standing with the State. Ensuring that your contractor has official permits is one way to avoid accidentally working with an unlicensed roofer.

Roofers have to post the building permit on your property. During construction, a building official will conduct inspections of the roofer’s work. The official is there to make sure the job is being done properly and following code restrictions.

An inspection card will be posted next to the permit so that you are aware of the progress. Getting a professional job instead of doing major renovations alone can save you time and money.

How Do I Get a Roofing Permit?

If you have a contractor, you don’t have to worry about obtaining the permit. But if you are doing the work yourself, the steps to get a permit differ depending on your city and type of building. However, these are the general steps to get a Florida roofing permit:

  1. Download a permit application. Find this on your city’s official website and fill out the information. You’ll want to have your property’s tax statement handy.
  2. Know what type of permit you are requesting. If it’s a new structure, you’ll need a “building” permit. If you are renovating an existing roof, you may just need a “roofing” permit.
  3. Submit the form to the building department. At this time, you will have to pay the necessary fees if you haven’t already.

You will be notified if you are approved for a permit. Then, you can pick it up and pay the remaining fees. If you want to be sure your project is in good hands, call Elite Remodeling Services at (904) 657-8383.

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