Spring Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

Spring Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

The onset of spring often means prioritizing cleaning the interior and exterior of your home. One of the essential areas that could do with a thorough spring clean is your roof.

With rain, hail, strong winds, lightening and thunder of spring, make sure that you give it the care it deserves to see it through the season and beyond. If you require roof maintenance in St Augustine, FL or the surrounding area, contact Elite Remodeling Services today!

Spring Roofing Tips

Here are five unbeatable spring roofing tips from our team of expert roofers at Elite Remodeling Services.

Check your rain gutters

Clean your gutters throughout the year to prevent dirt, debris, animal waste, and rainwater from weighing down on them. Sagging, clogged, or broken gutters can lead to water leaks, which damage the home.

Prevent this situation by ensuring that your gutter system is intact and robust. Cleaning your gutters should be done at least twice a year, possibly more if you live in a heavily wooded area.

Clear accumulated debris

If leaves, twigs, and other debris are left unchecked, they can retain moisture and cause undue stress to your roof.

This accumulated debris also creates the ideal condition for moss, mildew, invasive fungi, and algae to grow. These organisms severely damage shingles and other roofing components.

Always seek the help of roofing professionals to ensure the safe and proper removal and treatment of accumulated debris.

Prevent moss, mold, and fungal growth

Trimming trees and removing debris helps to dry up the roof.

Still, you may need to treat your roof further to prevent moss, algae, and fungi from making their home on your roof.
Moss growth adds to the stress on your roof and can lead to your roof collapsing.

If you notice dark spots or stains on your roof, you could have mold contamination. When left untreated, mold degrades your roofing, which could lead to expensive roof replacement in the future.

Although several products on the market can rid the roof surface of moss and mold, for less severe instances, a mixture of chlorine bleach and water is effective in removing the contamination from your roof.

Fungal growth can cause dry rot and wood decay in the long term. Check for split, cracked, shrunken, or discolored wood that quickly disintegrates when tapped. Epoxy resin fillings repair holes caused by wood decay, and antifreeze effectively kills the fungi that causes the dry rot.

Contact a roofing expert like Elite Remodeling Services to resolve these problems for you.

Trim nearby trees and foliage

Trimming nearby trees and foliage so that they do not make contact with your roof is another excellent spring roofing tip.

In the long run, tree branches can compromise the integrity of your shingles and other roofing material, causing accumulated debris to bear on your roof.

Schedule a professional roof inspection

Always schedule a professional roof inspection at least once a year to identify missing shingles or other emerging issues with your chimney, gutters, or step flashing that could impact your roof’s performance.

These vulnerabilities are better tackled sooner rather than later, to maintain the integrity of your roof and reduce maintenance costs in the future. We hope these spring roofing tips have given you valuable information on how to keep your roof pristine.

If you need Florida roof inspection or repair, reach out to our roofing experts at Elite Remodeling Services by calling (904) 657-8383 or contacting us online.

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