Is Tile Roofing A Good Option For My Florida Home

Is Tile Roofing a Good Option for My Florida Home?

Tile roofs tick many boxes, but may not be suitable for all Florida homes. Before you decide on changing up your roofing material, we strongly recommend you speak to a professional. Some houses may not be structurally strong enough to handle a tile roof’s added weight, so make sure to do your research.

If you live in a complex with an HOA, be sure to consult with them before committing to any changes. Some HOAs can have restrictions on the type of roof you install, particularly if your tiled roof will stand out from the other homes in the area.

The Benefits of Tile Roofs


With weather patterns changing rapidly and large storms becoming more common, it’s a good idea to choose the most durable material. Tile is well-known for being resistant to weather damage and can withstand both harsh sunlight and freezing temperatures.

A properly installed tile roof can even withstand hurricane-force winds and hailstones, making it the perfect choice for storm-prone Florida.

Lower Long-Term Costs

If you install a tile roof correctly, you won’t have to worry about maintenance or replacing your roof for a long time. Thanks to their durability, tile roofs require very little care and can last for several decades, if not more.

You’ll also find that insurance companies also like tile roofs, and you can expect lower premiums after your roof installation.

The Drawbacks of Tile Roofs

High Initial Costs

Tile roofs can be significantly more expensive than other roofing alternatives. Tile roofing in Florida is regularly two or three more times as expensive as shingles to install. However, this high initial cost gets mitigated by the fact that you’ll have to spend less on maintenance and can expect your roof to last several decades longer than a shingle option.

Tiles Are Heavy

Roof tiles are incredibly heavy and can weigh almost a ton per roofing square. Many Florida homes were designed with shingles in mind, and may not support the weight of tiles. To prevent potential roof collapse or issues in the future, you must consult with a structural engineer before deciding on roof tiles.

Tile Roof Installation

If you’ve consulted with your HOA and a structural engineer and want to proceed with tile roofing in Florida, we at Elite Remodeling Services are here to help you get the best experience possible.

We’ll start by providing you with samples to help you choose the style and color of the tile you want. We’ll then remove your old roofing and dispose of it responsibly, and start installing your new roof at the same time. We’ll install a roofing underlayment and tarps to protect your home during this time.

Depending on the size of your home, the entire process can take between six to ten days.

Installing a new roof is always a challenge, and we’re still up for it. If you’re looking for the best roofers in Florida, give Elite Remodeling Services a call today!

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