Roof Flashing

The Importance of Roof Flashing and How It Protects Your Home

Your roof consists of several structural components. Roof flashing is one of the essential components as it allows your roof to fulfill its most important function — moisture protection. Flashing is the moisture protection material that protects the edges, valleys, joints, and seams between the roofing surface and structures such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. […]

Collapsed Roof

Pay Attention to These Roof Collapse Warning Signs

Many property owners that experienced a roof collapse may tell you that they didn’t expect it to happen. The fact is, however, that a structurally sound building’s roof doesn’t collapse overnight, and there are some ways to tell if your roof is on the verge of collapsing. Paying attention to the warning signs will allow […]

Roof Lightning Strike

Has A Lightning Strike Damaged Your Roof?

Lightning is the abrupt discharge between storm clouds and the ground. If your St Augustine home is standing on a spot where the clouds and the earth have opposite charge, lightning can strike your house to find the shortest path through the structure of your home to the ground. Since lightning passes through the most […]

Roof Vent

What to Know About Different Types of Roof Vents

In Florida, the sun blazes brighter and hotter than almost anywhere else in the United States. On the hottest days, the inside of your home can reach blistering temperatures without proper ventilation and air conditioning. This holds especially true for the roof over your head. If all of this heat rises and becomes trapped inside […]

Temporary Roof Repairs

How to Perform a Temporary Roof Repair Yourself

The last thing any homeowner ever wants to learn is that their roof is failing them. Whether it’s springing a leak, getting moldy, losing shingles, or even letting in pests, a roof in disrepair is always causing some sort of major headache for the family it’s supposed to be protecting. If your roof starts leaking, […]

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