Roof And House Color Combinations

What Are the Best Roof and House Color Combinations?

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Your home’s exterior is the first thing people notice and plays a big part in your property’s curb appeal. Today, roof and house color combinations are almost endless, making it possible for homeowners to choose precisely how their home’s exterior looks.

The Best Roof and House Color Combinations

If you need a little inspiration for which roof and house color combinations to pick, here are some ideas to help you get started:

Solid Black or Grey

A bold choice for your home’s exterior would be to go with all grey or all black. Choosing a single grey, like slate grey, will ensure that your home retains a distinct look but does not draw attention away from its surroundings, a stunning choice if you live in a scenic location.

On the other hand, choosing all black is a striking choice that instantly draws attention to your home. Not only does a black home make a strong visual statement, but it also helps keep your home warm if you live in a colder climate.

Natural Colors

Going with all brown creates a softer, more natural look than a solid grey or black. By combining different brown shades, you can create a unique and inviting look, especially if you live in a wooded area.

Another natural-looking choice would be to mix in shades of green with brown. Excellent for homes surrounded by greenery, this combination allows you to add a splash of color to your home while still keeping a natural feel.

Warm Reds

Similar to choosing brown shades, reddish-brown and other warm shades of red create an inviting feel to your home and pairs well with darker roof colors, such as slate-colored greys. This combination works well on many different style homes, no matter their surroundings.

Shades of Blue

Greens and browns help a home blend in with nature, while blues keep a home feeling light and airy. Blue has become an increasingly popular color for siding in recent years and pairs well with brown roofs and stone accents.

Traditional Colonial Colors

A stark contrast between a home’s roof and siding creates the visual appeal of old colonial-style homes. Pairing a dark roof with white siding is especially popular in New England, though the color combination has spread throughout the country.

Another option for a colonial-style color scheme is choosing a darker brown roof with a slightly lighter brown shade for your siding. The look is much less extreme than the contrast described above but still creates a look that stands out while remaining warm and beautiful.

Two-Toned Roofs

If you are someone who does not fear a dramatic choice, try mixing two different roof colors when styling your home’s exterior. Dark shingles with other metallic colors, such as copper, make for an impressive combination with multi-colored siding such as white and brown.

Be Bold

Nothing can stop you from having a green roof with yellow siding or a blue roof with white siding. With so many color options available on the market, do not be afraid to express yourself with your chosen colors. In the end, it is your home, and you should be happy with how it looks.

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