Spanish Roof Tile Maintenance

Why Spanish Roof Tile Maintenance Is Worth It

Spanish-style clay roofing tiles can be quite an investment up front. You want to get the most out of your clay tile roof, as you would with any investment. Installing clay roofing tiles is one of the best choices you can make for your home. The tiles are highly durable and handle weather quite well, especially in coastal areas. They also don’t require too much maintenance.

Spanish roof tiles are popular in warmer climates like Florida. As a result of these factors, taking the extra time to maintain your clay tile roof is worth it. We’ll go through some of the benefits of roof maintenance and how you can keep your Spanish roof tiles in top shape.

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Benefits of Maintaining Your Spanish Tile Roof

There are several benefits to regular roof maintenance, no matter what roof style you have installed on your home. Some of the best benefits of maintaining your Spanish clay roof tiles are as follows.

Strengthen Durability

With proper care and maintenance, your Spanish roof tiles could last around 50 years or more, making them one of the most durable options for roofing. Humid, salty climates can significantly damage asphalt roof shingles and metal roofs. However, clay tiles handle salty air well, and their heavier weight and strength make them a better option for areas prone to hurricane weather.

Halt Damage in Its Tracks

With regular maintenance, you can catch minor damages like broken tiles or cracks and easily have the affected tiles fixed before it becomes a significant issue. Keeping an eye on your roof for minor faults like this can save you hundreds of dollars in roof repair. Call Elite

Remodeling Services for quick and easy tile replacement if you notice cracked or broken tiles.

Avoid Algae

One drawback of clay roof tiles is that they can attract algae growth. This, too, can be easily remedied. You can limit and remove any algae clinging to your tiled roof by pressure washing your roof with a mild dish soap solution. Keep the pressure washer on the lowest setting and avoid spraying the tiles head on to prevent cracking.

Maintaining Your Clay Tile Roof

Maintaining Your Clay Tile Roof

Maintenance of your Spanish roof tiles doesn’t have to be complicated. With these simple solutions, you can keep your clay tile roof in excellent shape for years to come.

Yearly Inspections

Booking an annual inspection can go a long way in extending the life of your Spanish-style clay roof. The skilled team of contractors at Elite

Remodeling Services proudly serves locations all over Northeast Florida. With yearly inspections, we can easily catch and repair any issues that may arise with your roof. We recommend scheduling your assessment in the spring or fall before the harsher weather of the summer and winter seasons.

Keeping Your Roof Clean

Regularly cleaning your roof, both from algae as instructed above and from general debris, can prevent more significant problems from arising. Keeping leaves and tree branches off your roof and adequately cleaning away dirt and debris will prevent severe damage to your clay tiles. You’ll also be able to avoid leaks and backed-up gutters that could cause water damage over time.

Stay Safe or Call the Pros

When performing routine home maintenance like cleaning your roof, it’s essential to take safety measures before and during the process.

When working on top of the roof, always have another person with you on the ground to prevent a dangerous fall. Clay tiles can be particularly hazardous when wet, so take extra precautions if washing your roof while walking on it.

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