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Roofing Warranties and Why They Are Important

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Roofing projects require a lot of work. With this abundance of work comes liability. Many things can go wrong during a home improvement project, which is why you need protection.

Roof warranties give you that protection and put the risk in the manufacturer or contractor’s hands instead of your own. Let’s take a closer look:

What Is a Roofing Warranty?

When you are taking on a sizable project such as installing a roof, you always want to get a warranty. A warranty protects you against any damage that happens before, during, or after your installation.

Most agreements come from the manufacturer of a product. They give customers a guarantee that they will fix or replace any faulty product.

Roof warranties come in different terms and lengths. Typically, you have to fulfill a list of requirements before you can reap the benefits of a guarantee.

Most warranties will limit how long they are applicable, although certain materials come with lifetime warranties. We find that most roofing warranty plans will last between ten and thirty years. Some roofing contractors may offer a lifetime warranty as a way of retaining customers. Most roof warranties come with discounts on materials, appliances, repair costs, and more.

It’s also crucial to abide by the rules of your warranty. Just like an insurance plan, manufacturers and contractors can void your guarantee at any time. If you partake in any activity that goes against the conditions of your roofing contract, there will be consequences. Examples of these behaviors include participating in unauthorized roofing repairs, failed payments, maintenance negligence, and more.

Before you begin your search for roof warranties, consider what you want your manufacturer or roofing contractor to cover. Think about what materials will be a part of your installation. Also, make sure you don’t already have a warranty with another roofing company.

Types of Warranties

There are many different types of roof warranties, including those listed below.

Standard Manufacturer Warranty

Firstly, there is the standard manufacturer’s warranty. The purpose of a manufacturer’s warranty is to protect you from any issues that arise with materials during your renovation project. Note that this warranty only applies when there is a factory defect with your roof’s shingles. In this event, the guarantee will cover the costs of new materials your roofer has to purchase.

Also, understand that the standard warranty applies to the initial construction phase. If an existing shingle fails, you will be responsible for its replacement.

Workmanship Warranty

Secondly, there is the workmanship warranty. Most roofers offer this warranty to protect you. Roofers will cover the costs of any damage during the installation. Note that they will not cover any external force such as heavy wind, water damage, and fallen tree limbs that affect your home.

Extended Manufacturer Warranty

Next, there is the extended manufacturer warranty. Roofing companies have the power to extend the contract length of a manufacturer’s warranty.

When you hire a certified roofing contractor to install a roof, you will have the option to get extended warranty coverage. It is the most expensive warranty plan but also offers the most coverage. It covers faulty materials, installation errors, and more.

Hire the Right Roofers for the Job

Roof warranties are always something to consider when hiring a company for home improvement services because roofing repair costs can be hefty. That’s why you want to spread the liability to another party whenever possible.

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