When To Replace Roof

How Long Does a Roof Last? How to Know When You Need a Roof Replacement

The roof over your head is one of the most valuable parts of your home. When’s the last time you took a good long look at it? A lot of people never give their roofs a second thought. that is, until the elements are pouring down on them indoors! So, how long does a roof last?

You probably get your car’s oil changed every three months or less. You probably buy new socks when yours become tattered and worn. Shouldn’t you be just as diligent about maintaining your home as you are with your other belongings?

How Often Should a Roof be Replaced?

A good roof should last you no less than 25-30 years if it’s made from asphalt shingles. If your shingled roof is falling apart long before this point, this is one of the signs of a bad roofing job. However, assuming your roof was properly installed, you’ll enjoy a couple of decades of comfort under it so long as you keep it properly maintained. This means keeping it free and clear of any debris, and making sure that any pesky rodents haven’t made themselves a nice home in the innards of your roof (after all, they’re not paying you any rent!)

If your roof is made from more durable materials, you can expect it to last much longer. Clay tiles roofs have been known to last up to 50 years. Many kinds of metal roofs will last that long, with some copper roofs lasting close to 100 years!

But all good things must come to an end, and that end is typically a roof replacement.

When to Replace Your Roof

All this talk of “up to 50 years” and “25-30” years might leave you thinking, “OK, but what am I looking for? How do I know when to replace my roof?”

Let’s go over some of the most important signs you need a new roof.

Unwanted Growth

Moss On Roof

Some folks like the look of some foliage, and even vines, running down the side of their homes. However, if your roof is streaky and off-color, this could be a sign that there’s a growth of moss or algae overhead. Algae itself isn’t much of a problem, and can be washed away relatively easily. But in colder, wetter climates, moss can grow and significantly weaken the integrity of your roof. You’ll need to immediately seek a professional roofer’s help in repairing the damage before it spreads.

Bad Shingles or Missing Tiles

Get up close, if you can, and check out the shingles; are they off-color, warped, or cracked? Do they look like they’re bending upwards towards the sunlight? Any of these signs can indicate that your shingles are starting to age and you’ll need a roof replacement sooner than later.

The same applies to missing pieces; if shingles or roof tiles are falling off altogether, you definitely need to schedule a repair.

One other sign of bad shingles could be a deposit of granules in your rain gutters. This is relatively normal if you’ve just installed a brand new roof, but if your roof is a bit older, it shouldn’t be shedding these granules, which help protect them from the sun. Once they start to go, the shingles will start to go bad quickly.


Roof Leak

One of the most common problems (and oftentimes the first one noticed) with old roofs is that they spring leaks. If you notice water spots anywhere in the house – even small trickles along your walls – then it’s pretty likely your roof is leaking. As many homeowners know all too well, water damage can necessitate major roof repairs costing thousands and thousands of dollars; if your roof is letting water into the home below, you need to schedule a roof replacement or repair right away.

Dingy Appearance

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Is your roof starting to look worn, discolored, and bland? This happens over time, particularly with sensitive roofing materials like asphalt shingles. This is one of the signs that your roof has been long-exposed to sunlight and is starting to age. It’s not necessarily a sign of acute damage, but as you notice the change in color and quality, you’ll want to keep a closer watch for some of the other issues we’ve mentioned here.

When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Roof Replacement

If the time has come to replace your roof, you can count on one of the top Florida roofing companies in St. Augustine: Elite Remodeling Services. You can check out all the different types of roofing we have to offer, and schedule an appointment today. Or, if you’re not sure about the state of your roof, and you want a specialist to help, we’re happy to give your roof a free inspection. We’ll give you an honest evaluation and recommend the best new roof we can to help your home enjoy a long and healthy life.


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