Solar Panels On Roof

Biggest Problems with Solar Panels on Roofs in Florida

The Need to Know About Solar Panels on Roofs

Solar panels on your roof are a surefire way of generating free sustainable energy and they make a wise bet in any states with plenty of sunshine.

While solar panels offer clean energy, there are a number of flashpoints to watch out for, particularly during the installation process.

After all it’s senseless trying to accomplish some good with a solar array on your roof if you end up with a system that causes leaks and damage. Our roofers see shoddy solar installations throughout Northeast Florida almost daily.

Read on to see the most common problems with solar panels on roofs and how to avoid them…

After that, we’ll glance briefly at what type of roofing material works best if you want to enjoy a fine solar array.

1) Heavy-Handed Installation

Keep a very close eye on the installation crew to make sure they treat your roof with the respect it deserves while they set up the solar panels.

Even if you have a rugged roof, if panels are dragged carelessly across or tools recklessly dropped, you can easily end up experiencing damage before you’re up and running.

Take the time to choose a reputable, trustworthy installer with a thorough understanding not just of solar panels but also of the type of roof this array will sit upon.

Proper cleaning up is crucial to avoid any issue with clogged drainage.

2) Choosing to Install New Rooftop Solar Panels on an Old Roof

It’s a smart move to install a roof and a solar array at the same time. A mismatch here can throw things completely out of kilter.

You can expect fully 20 years of service from a solid solar array so why sell yourself short and install this on a roof with less than a decade left to run?

Think closely about this before rashly jumping in resulting in false economy when you need not only a new roof but also new solar panels.

3) Setting Up Roof Solar Panels on a Roof Unfit For Purpose

Not all roofs make ideal candidates for solar panels so don’t try to force the issue if things are not conducive to an array.

The elements you need in place are:

  • South or west-facing panels
  • Cooler climate
  • Adequate support for the array and any foot traffic

Installing solar panels is absolutely not a decision you should launch into without proper forethought.

Fail to plan and plan to fail.

4) Disregarding Water Flow

Roofing systems are designed to get any accumulated water off and safely away from the building.

Insufficient attention to the placement of wiring and racks can disrupt this water flow creating a world of problems you could thoroughly do without.

In the worst scenario, a leak could spring from water being forced upward resulting in a damaged roof.

Do not overlook the issue of maintaining water flow or you could end up sorely regretting it.

Wet Spot Ceiling Roof Leak

5) Shirking Maintenance

Once you’ve got your solar array installed and ready to roll, you’ll need to ensure that you step up your regular roof maintenance to protect your investment and enjoy optimum performance.

You don’t need to be up there on a daily basis but make sure you conduct weekly checks to be on the safe side.

The last thing you want is pools of water or gathered dust spoiling the efficiency of your solar panels.

6) Loose and Damaged Tiles

Whether as a direct result of installation or due to ongoing wear and tear, fully 15% of people with solar arrays report issues with loose or damaged roof tiles.

You can pick this up during your routine maintenance and it pays to take swift action. It’s better to repair the odd tile rather than neglecting this and ending up with a far more substantial and expensive repair later down the track.

7) Electrical Issues

16% of solar panel owners complain of a variety of electrical problems in the wake of installing their array.

The only logical thing to do here is to call the installation crew for advice.


Now you’ve had a look at 7 of the biggest problems with solar panels on roofs, what sort of material works best if you want to embrace the power of solar energy?

What’s The Best Roofing Material For Solar Panels?

The good news is that Elite Remodeling Service can install solar panels on just about any kind of roof.

Composite and tile both work especially well.

Metal roofs also make a great partner for a solar array while wood shake roof is also not a bad option.

Flat roofs may require angling to deliver the 40-degree angle necessary for optimal solar production.

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