Roof Clean Up

Why Cleaning Up After A Roofing Job Makes All The Difference

Picture this: A company has completed the job you asked for and has done a great job. Now you no longer have to worry about that leak that has been troubling you for some time.

But, the roofers left nails in the yard and did not adequately clean up after the service was provided….

The whole experience now feels sour, and you are left combing your yard, cleaning someone else’s mess that is their responsibility! Sadly, this is a story that you read about all too often. For us at Elite Remodeling Services, cleaning up is an essential part of the roofing process.

Here are our thoughts on why cleaning up after a roofing job makes all the difference.

Clean Up Should Be An Important Part Of The Service

The project itself is only as good as the cleanup service provided. Your yard is an important part of your home, and treating it that way makes a real difference.

Once the roofing work has finished, we treat the cleanup process as a vital part of the work. This is the only way of ensuring it is done to a high standard.

It Is Important To Provide The Best Service

Roofing in Florida and the surrounding areas, is competitive business.

If a company is not providing the high standards that others do, a customer will not be recommending them to their friends, and certainly won’t use them again. A thorough clean up is the final piece of the puzzle that can leave a great impression, which is what we strive to do. We go to great lengths to make sure your yard looks as it did before the work started.

Nails Can Be Hazardous

Nails, among other debris, can fall to the ground during a roofing job. Preparing correctly is important for a good clean up, which is why we use tarpaulin to capture as much as possible and keep a dumpster on site to remove any falling items.

We understand that pets and children may live in your home, so cleaning up nails after roofing is essential. We also conduct a thorough search when the work is complete to capture any strays that may be around your property.

Plants Are Fragile

We know that your greenery is important to the look of your home.

Also, we understand that shrubs, plants, and bushes can be easily damaged. Roofers are only human; they carry heavy materials, and accidents do happen from time to time, which is why we make sure that any damaged shrubs are repaired or replaced, leaving everything as it was before the work started.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Important

Knowing that a company is going to take good care of your home while they are making changes to it makes you feel a lot easier about the whole process. Elite Remodeling Services assures our customers that we will do a thorough job of making sure their yard is returned to its normal state.

Also, we want you to know that if you have any questions about the cleanup process, before, during or after, then we are always available.

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