Roof Replacement

Replacing Your Roof and Why It Should Be a Top Priority

If you’re asking yourself whether or not it might be time to replace your roof, then chances are, it probably is.

The importance of replacing your roof when it needs it should never be underestimated. Acting too late can lead to unnecessary costs. The long-term and short-term benefits of a complete reroof might seem quite apparent once you learn what they are, but why should it be a top priority? Let our St Augustine roofers break it down for you.

Why You Should Consider a Complete Roof Replacement


This should be at the top of everyone’s list.

When it comes to ensuring the safety of everyone under your roof, you can’t take any chances. The quality of old materials and handiwork fades over time, and if your roof has some miles on it, then it isn’t going to be able to protect your home in the way that it once did. For instance, your property will be far more susceptible to water damage and mold, particularly in areas you cannot see such as inside the walls themselves. A worn roof can even impact the effectiveness of the insulation itself.

It Saves You Money

Of course, it benefits your home, which in turn is beneficial for your wallet as well.

Modern materials reduce air leaking that can occur over time. This means that your heating system is not going to have to work as hard to keep you warm. Therefore, your bills will be lower, and you’ll reduce your impact on the earth.

Peace of Mind

A roof replacement is one job that once done, is something that you shouldn’t have to think about for decades. Of course, this depends on the quality of the work, and you can rest assured that our experts at Elite Remodeling Services are going to leave you with a roof that lasts for a long, long time.

Your current roof probably has decades of wear and tear behind it. Replacing it now means that you can protect your home to the standard that you and your family have become used to.

It Adds Value

A new roof is going to mean that you can command more money for your home.

When looking for a property, the age of the roof is often one of the top questions asked by the potential buyer.

Because buying a new home is a significant expense, you want to know that you aren’t going to have any unexpected new costs anytime soon. A recent roof replacement can be the difference between someone choosing your home, and someone else’s.

You Can’t Put a Price On Expert Work

Maybe your home has had the same roof since it was built.

Quite often, buildings are made around a similar time, and in bulk. This can mean that the work done on it is part of a larger job, and with tight deadlines dictating the amount of care that a worker can put in, you may end up with a sub-standard roof to begin with.

This, of course, affects the quality of your roof as a whole. With modern materials and highly trained professionals, a new roof can protect your home for many decades.

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