Pros And Cons Of Roofing With Cedar Shake Shingles

Pros and Cons of Roofing with Cedar Shake Shingles

As one of the most durable soft woods, cedar offers homeowners in St. Augustine, FL, an excellent roofing material option. Cedar shake shingles come in various types, each having different designs that promise to provide your home an aesthetic appeal.

If you want to use cedar shingles or shakes for your roofing, the following pros and cons of this type of roofing system will help you make your decision. Contact Elite Remodeling Services, your St Augustine roofing professionals today at (904) 657-8383.

Cedar Shake Shingles Roofing Pros

Beautiful Appearance

Many homeowners rate cedar shakes and shingles as one of the most attractive roofing types. They promise to add beauty and sophistication to your home, significantly improving its curb appeal and value. You can give your home the feel of an elegant chalet or rustic cottage, depending on the type and style of cedar roofing you choose.

Great Thermal Insulation

Cedar acts as a naturally insulating material, providing homeowners with up to twice the insulation of asphalt shingles. With cedar wood shingles, you can conserve your heating and cooling energy and reduce your energy bill.

High Weather Resistance

Cedar shakes and shingles have excellent weather resistance. They can withstand heavy rain, snowstorms, strong winds, hail, and other extreme weather. Thanks to their high weather resistance, you will have to deal with fewer repairs after a storm.


Cedar roofing is an eco-friendly, recyclable, and renewable resource. Furthermore, more and more manufacturers continue their efforts to harvest cedar in sustainable ways. Manufacturers also replant the trees they use when making the roofing material.

Fire Resistant

Though cedar is wood, this type of roofing maintains its fire resistance. Many manufacturers utilize a fire-retardant chemical when making cedar shake roofs, enabling them to become more fire-resistant than other types of wood roofing.


Cedar roofing can work well with several different housing styles. On top of this, you can stain your cedar shakes and shingles in a variety of colors to produce the tone that works best with your desired aesthetic.


Roofing professionals regard cedar shake shingles as highly durable and robust, often lasting up to 30 years with proper maintenance. Additionally, they have an impressive strength-to-weight ratio. This ensures that they lay flat and straight over time, with hardly any splitting or shrinking.

Cedar Shake Shingles Roofing Cons

High Costs

Though cedar shake offers superior performance and appearance compared to other roofing types like asphalt shingles, shake roofing costs a lot more. Cedar roofing may break your budget since this high-quality roofing material requires more resources to set up and install.

Needs Regular Maintenance

The longevity of your cedar roof heavily depends on how you maintain it. While all roofing types need some maintenance to ensure longevity, cedar roofs require a significantly higher level of routine inspection and care.

You will need to schedule regular maintenance to prevent mold, moss, and mildew growth. Some of the maintenance steps you need include:

  • Keeping debris and leaves off the roof
  • Removing or cutting back nearby trees to reduce moss
  • Pressure washing for a deep clean
  • Clearing gutters of debris to inhibit moisture build-up

There are also certain cedar treatment preservatives you can apply to maintain your roof and further prevent any fungal development.
The good news, though, means you do not need to handle the maintenance yourself. You can leave all the roofing maintenance, repairs, and replacements to a quality roofing company that will happily offer you the services you need.

Are Cedar Shake Shingles Right for Your Home?

Despite the disadvantages of cost and high maintenance, many homeowners tend to opt for cedar roofs because of their many advantages. Though this roofing type involves extra investment, its benefits can far outweigh its cost. However, the key to enjoying these benefits at the highest level means having a professional roofing business set up your cedar roof.

When looking for such a roofing company, look no further than Elite Remodeling Services. We have served clients in St. Augustine, FL, with quality roofing services since 1997, earning the trust of thousands of homeowners. Call us today at (904) 657-8383 to learn more about our services and get your free quote.

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