Collapsed Roof

Pay Attention to These Roof Collapse Warning Signs

Many property owners that experienced a roof collapse may tell you that they didn’t expect it to happen. The fact is, however, that a structurally sound building’s roof doesn’t collapse overnight, and there are some ways to tell if your roof is on the verge of collapsing.

Paying attention to the warning signs will allow you to take precautionary action. A collapsing roof can damage the rest of the building as well as surrounding structures, it can result in personal injury and even death, and restoring a roof that has collapsed will cost a good deal of money to rebuild.

In this post, our Elite Remodeling roofing contractors discuss the early warning signs that the structural integrity of your house is in danger.

Warning Signs of a Roof Collapse


Sagging of any part of your roof, for example, in roofing materials or the ceiling, is a sign that your roof may collapse at any moment.


Bends and ripples on your roofing support structure is a sign of dry rot and decay. A deteriorating support structure is weak and will have difficulty supporting your roof.


In many cases, a leak is the result of two things: water accumulation and damage to your roof. Regular inspection and cleaning of your water drainage systems will prevent water damage and the development of bacteria and mold growth.

If your roof leaks during rainstorms, contact a professional roofing company to conduct an inspection and repair job.


The condition of your masonry is also an indication of your roof’s structural support. Cracks on exterior walls should be treated as soon as possible as they may not be suitable to support the weight of your roof.

Door and Window Frames

If one or more of your property’s door or window frames are bending, it is an indication that the support structures are lacking and that the roof is starting to lean on structures that are not designed and constructed to carry the weight.

What to do if You Notice These Warning Signs?

If you notice one of the warning signs, prevent your roof from collapsing by contacting a licensed certified roofing professional like Elite Remodeling Services, that delivers the following services:

  1. Roof repair
  2. Roof replacement
  3. Roof maintenance

If none of the warning signs are present, scheduling regular and thorough routine maintenance and repairs will ensure that you never have to deal with sagging, bending door frames, leaks, or any of the other warning signs.

Although these inspections may seem like an unnecessary and costly prospect, it will save you money in the long-run, as these warning signs in themselves can be expensive to repair.

You can carry out some of the maintenance yourself, for example, cleaning gutters and downspouts, and walking around your property once a week to check for the warning signs listed above.

Elite Remodeling Services specializes in high-quality roof inspection and repair services. We can sort out any problem you have with your roof.

Don’t wait for your roof to collapse. Contact Elite Remodeling Services today for a free quote.

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