Low Slope Roofing In Florida

Low Slope Roofing in Florida

Is it time to replace the roof in your Northeast Florida home? If you have a low-slope roof, it is important to know exactly what that means and what roofing options are best suited for your needs.

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Roof Slope vs. Roof Pitch – What’s the Difference?

Roof pitch is another term heard in conjunction with roof slope. Roof pitch is the relationship between the rise of the roof to the span of the roof. Roof pitch is notated as a fraction. The roof slope is the ratio of the roof’s rise to its run-off point. Roof slope is always notated as a ratio.

Sloped roofs provide natural drainage for rainwater. Precipitation flows through a series of gutters and downspouts, preventing the formation of mold, algae, and rot caused by pooled or backed-up water.

Do not try to estimate your roof’s pitch on your own. The best, safest way to know your roof’s pitch is by having it inspected by a licensed professional roof contractor.

What Are the Measurements of a Low-Slope Roof?

Technically, any roof with a slope ratio under 3:12 is considered a low-slope roof. While a steep slope relies on gravity to cast off water along its shingles before flowing off the edge, a low-slope roof requires a specific roofing system and materials to facilitate water drainage.

In accordance with most shingle manufacturers, asphalt shingles are not appropriate for use on low-slope roofs. Read on to learn about the best roof material for low-slope roofs.

What Is the Best Roof System for a Low-Slope Roof?

In addition to providing durability against UV radiation, wind, rain, and snow, low-slope roofing material must have the flexibility to endure expansion and contraction caused by variations in temperature while remaining completely watertight. The two most commonly used systems are membrane roof systems and metal roof systems.

Membrane Roof Systems

Membrane roof systems consist of multiple sheets of synthetic water-repellent material. Typically, membrane comes in rolls of 5-, 10-, or 20-foot sheets bonded by adhesives or with heat welding. Because water on a low-slope roof requires more time to run off, it is imperative that the modified bitumen membrane you are using is specifically designed for structures with low-slope roofs.

Modified bitumen consists of five layers of complementary components that provide:

● Insulation
● Weather resistance
● UV protection
● Adhesion
● Flexibility

If you have a flat roof, with little to no slope, be sure to check out our post on the 5 Common Problems Flat Roofs are Known For.

Metal Roof Systems

Another option for low-slope roofs is a metal roof system. Metal roof systems are the most expensive option and are more commonly used in commercial properties.

Metal roofing is available in several types of material, including copper, aluminum, zinc, and steel. Metal roofing utilizes a system of soldered interlocking panels. The most common metal roofing systems are screw-down and standing seam.

The screw-down panel in metal roofing screws the panel securely in place, allowing no leeway for contraction or expansion. Screw-down metal roofing is not recommended for a heated space due to its lack of flexibility.

In a standing seam metal roof system, each panel interlocks along perfectly aligned seams that are mechanically attached, making them more flexible than the screw-down system. Although more expensive than the screw-down panel system, the standing seam metal roof system is the best choice for any space that requires heating.

Which Roof System Is Best for My Needs?

Membrane roof systems and metal roof systems are both viable options for a low-slope roof. The membrane system is more affordable and more commonly used for residential properties. The best way to decide on appropriate roofing for your needs is to consult with a licensed roofing contractor.

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