Protect Roof From Critters

How to Protect Your Roof from Critters

If you’ve ever had critters-slither under your roof, you know how difficult it can be to remove them. As the winter months approach, some animals will be looking for warm shelter. As Florida’s most trusted roofing specialist, Elite Remodeling Services has been helping clients avoid critter invasions for years. Call us at (904) 657-8383 for more information.

What Problems Do Critters Cause?

While the idea of squirrels and other critters entering your home may seem harmless, they can cause significant issues in the long run. Let’s take a look at some typical problems caused by animals entering your roof:

Damaging Your Attic

If animals manage to crawl under your roof, they might set up a home in your attic. The result? Animal feces, grime build-up, and a host of other problems. You also might notice a foul smell throughout your home. Cleaning up after an animal has been in the attic for a few months can be an absolute nightmare.

Removing or Loosening Shingles

As critters work to enter your home, they often loosen or remove shingles to gain access. While this may not sound like a big deal, it can have dire consequences. Loosened or removed shingles can result in water leaking into your roof – and you might not notice the leaks until it’s too late. Then, it’s time to get out your wallet.

Creating Gaps or Holes in Your Roof

In addition to loosening and removing shingles, animals can also cause issues by digging holes in other areas of your roof. Again, this can precipitate leaks – and it can provide safe passage for other animals to enter your home.

Blocking Ventilation and Wiring

If a critter does set lay down roots in your property, they’ll likely build a nest in your attic. If the nest block vents, it can restrict flow through your air conditioner or heating unit and produce a nice repair bill to go with it. Nests can also get tangled in electric wires and cause power outages or even fire.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Home?

There are a few different things you can do to protect your home from crafty critters. First, it’s vital to check your attic periodically to ensure there are no animals nesting or making a home in your roof. Second, keep your branches trimmed away from your home because long branches n make it easier for animals to access your roof.

Cleaning your gutters and avoiding feeding local animals or birds can also help you reduce the chances of a critter infestation. Clogged gutters also can lead to small nests or bug issues.

Lastly, inspecting your roof for damages, weak areas, and other vulnerabilities can help you avoid issues before they arise.

The Importance of Professional Inspection

While it might be easy enough for you to spot large holes or missing shingles on your roof, locating other instabilities is futile for an untrained eye. By hiring a professional roofing contractor to inspect your roof and identify vulnerabilities, you won’t have to worry about critters sneaking into your space.

Contact Elite Remodeling Services

If you want the most trusted name in roofing to assess your roof’s vulnerability to critter invasions, Elite Remodeling Services is Florida’s top choice. Our team has years of experience assisting clients with the full gamut of roofing issues. Contact us at (904) 657-8383 for more information.

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