Palm Coast Hail Damage Roof

Hail Damage to Your Palm Coast Home Can Cause More than Leaks

While Palm Coast is known for its beautiful weather year round, your home is not immune to the damaging effects of an occasional hail storm. If you have hail roof damage, it’s crucial that you get it fixed as quickly as possible.

Ignoring potential hail damage can cause severe issues with the integrity of your roof, and if it’s not repaired immediately, it can end up costing you quite a bit. Though hail storms in Palm Coast aren’t particularly common, don’t make the mistake of ignoring damage if your house has recently been subjected to hail.

Here are a few actions to take if you suspect your home has a hail damaged roof.

If You Think You Have Hail Damage Here’s What You Should Look For

Inspect the damage

After the storm has passed and it’s safe to go outside, the first thing you’ll want to do is inspect the damage. Though it may be tempting to get up there and check the condition of your roof yourself, we recommend giving us a call to have one of our experts inspect it. Our roofers have plenty of experience to help you out.

It’s very easy to overlook a damaged spot that could worsen over time if neglected. When checking to see if you’ve suffered hail damage, it’s usually not enough look up from the ground, as it’s quite easy to miss dents or weak spots if you’re not viewing them up close.

Even if you don’t think your roof suffered a big hit from the storm, taking a few minutes to inspect it is the only guaranteed way to ensure you haven’t suffered any major (or minor) damage. Whether you inspect the roof yourself or have one of our experts assist you, it’s crucial to take a look as quickly as possible.

Look For Busted Roof Shingles or Tiles

One of the biggest tells that your roof has been damaged by hail is that the shingles will show a “bruised” spot where the impact occurred. Dark spots generally mean a shingle has suffered damage during the storm. Tile on the other hand will crack.

Even if the shingles don’t appear to be severely damaged, make no mistake – a hail storm can leave lasting problems if the roof isn’t repaired. Most shingle manufacturers build their products to last up to 20 years; however, a hail storm can significantly shorten their lifetime.

Hail damage can accelerate granule loss in your shingles and cause the material to age faster than usual. Additionally, damaged shingles expose the underlying asphalt in your roof to UV rays, which accelerates long-term structural problems.

Unfortunately, in many instances, hail damage can actually void your shingles’ warranty, so it’s important to get your roof inspected as quickly as possible. While a roof is designed to withstand a reasonable amount of force from the weather, the sharp belting from hailstones can really take a toll.

Check Your Insurance

If you’ve determined that your roof has been damaged, the next step is to give your insurance a call. Though many insurance companies allow you up to 12 months to file a claim, the longer you wait, the more likely you are to have issues with your claim.

Depending on the damage done by the hail storm, your insurance may cover the cost of repairs. If you happen to have “covered loss” insurance, your insurance company will generally need to cover the amount it costs to replace or restore your roof.

Even if your insurance does not cover the damage, neglecting to fix your roof quickly can add up to increased costs over time, so delaying repairs is a bad idea. Call your insurance company, explain the situation, and ask whether the damage is covered.

Get a free roof inspection from Elite Remodeling Services

If you know your roof has been damaged or if you simply need an expert eye to determine the extent of the problem, give us a call for your free roof inspection. Hail damage to your roof can be costly, especially if left untreated.

We’ll send one of our expert and friendly team members to give you a free consultation on the lasting effects from the hail storm. We’ll work with you every step of the way to get your roof fixed ASAP.

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