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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Metal Roof on a Florida Home

Metal roofs are on the rise all over the United States. Roofing had long been stuck in the past, with modern structures being built using old-fashioned, outdated methods even as newer technologies became more and more readily available. In recent decades, roofers have been more keen to offer current styles of roofing, and homeowners have been eager to buy. 

As of 2016, metal roofs made up over 11% of all residential roofs in the USA. The demand has grown steadily as new construction continues to thrive and as homeowners seek viable options to upgrade and maintain the homes they’ve committed so much of their time and energy to.

Still, there are so many different choices of types of roofs, different roofing materials, and styles, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. The average homeowner doesn’t know all the finer points of the roofing world; that’s where we come in.

At Elite Roofing Services, we’re industry experts in all-things roofing. We’ve broken down the advantages and disadvantages of installing a metal roof on your home so that you can make an informed choice as you go through the otherwise-daunting process of putting a new roof on your home.

Advantages of a Metal Roof

We’ll start with the positive. Metal roofs offer a significant number of advantages, only some of which are offered by other types of roofs.

They’re Durable

Metal roofs are, as you might expect, far more durable than other types of roofing material. Besides being made of a much stronger material, they can also simply be built using fewer overall pieces, meaning there are fewer seams around the roof and fewer parts that can detach and fly off.

Plus, they’ll hold up really well against the weather. They’ll reflect the sun, and they won’t be harmed by snow, rain, or ice. They can even stand up to wind speeds of over 140 miles per hour.

They Last a Long Time

A good metal roof might be the last roofing purchase you make in your entire life. They can last 50 years or more, with some roofs (particularly those made of copper) lasting as long as a whole century! Metal roofs simply last longer than most other styles of roofing, especially at a similar price.

They Don’t Rot

This is a key advantage of metal roofing over traditional asphalt and wooden roofing materials. Mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other undesirable microbes won’t be able to work their way into a metal roof and rot your home out from overtop of you.

Metal Roof Installation

Any metal roofing material will be rust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the rain deteriorating the quality of your roof over time. Additionally, if you live near the coast as most Floridians do, good metal roofing is resistant to salt corrosion from the ocean. This all contributes to great longevity that metal roofing has to offer.

They’re Resistant to Wild Animals

Along the same lines as above, wild animals also have a far harder time causing damage to your metal roof. While a bird may still nest atop your house, he won’t be able to work his way into the roof itself. Rodents that make their way to the rooftop via branches or other overhangs won’t be able to breach the thick metal and invade your home below. With a quality metal roof, your home is protected against unwanted squatters.

They’re Fireproof

One of the more popular reasons homeowners like metal roofs is that they don’t burn like different roofing materials do. In fact, they don’t burn at all! Metal roofs are fire resistant and will help slow the spread of flames in a house fire. Under the hot Florida sun, fire emergencies can break out in a split second, so fire protection is crucial in each and every home.

They’re More Eco-Friendly

Metal used to be one of our worst waste products as a society, but these days, metal roofing is most commonly made from recycled metals, and is still recyclable again once it reaches the end of its useful life as metal roofing material.

Roofing materials constitute over 4% of junk dumped into landfills, meaning every little bit of savings really goes a long way into contributing to our environment. If you’re an environmentally-conscious homeowner, then a metal roof is one more way you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

Installing A Metal Roof

They’re Good for All Year

Metal roofs hold up really well against all the different elements. Here in Florida, we don’t have to worry so much about the snow, but on those rare days when temps drop sharply, the change in air pressure can be quite significant. A properly installed metal roof will be designed to withstand strong changes in air pressure and temperature.

Metal roofing does really well against the rain and heavy winds, too. The seasonal weather in St. Augustine can be brutal, and can take a toll on asphalt shingles or wood shakes. A strong metal roof is a great solution for a home that takes a serious beating from the weather.

They Reflect Heat

Continuing with the aforementioned environmental friendliness, metal roofs are one of the very few types of roofs that won’t transfer the sun’s intense heat down into your home. Instead, it’ll reflect it up, helping to keep your home cool. This not only makes your home much more comfortable and temperature-controlled, but it reduces energy costs on cooling, resulting in savings for you and a smaller carbon footprint from your household. Comfort, savings, and eco-friendliness: a triple win!

They’re Easy to Install

Metal roofing can be a lot easier to get set up than other types of roofing, if only because it typically makes use of much larger panels. What benefits does this serve you as the homeowner? For starters, it means the job is much quicker and less labor-intensive. This means a lower cost to you. Plus, if there’s ever any damage to the roof, there are usually fewer individual parts involved in the repair, which also saves time and money during a frustrating time. Everybody wins.

Disadvantages of a Metal Roof

Advantages Of A Metal Roof

They’re Expensive

While the installation itself may be less costly, and while the roof may last a lot longer than other types of different roofing materials, the truth is, the materials themselves for metal roofs can get pretty expensive. The one-time cost of installing a metal roof will be significant. However, weighed against the great longevity of metal roofing, and the low maintenance that require during that long lifespan, the higher cost of the materials is definitely worth the value you’re getting out of them.

They Make Noise

Metal roofs, more than other styles of roofing, make loud and pronounced sounds when they’re struck by rain or rattled by heavy winds. However, it’s a bit of a stretch to call that a disadvantage, per se. Many homeowners find a homely charm in the emphasized pitter-patter of raindrops, and some even consider it to be a lovely form of natural white noise. Still, if you like a quiet home, you may occasionally be disturbed by the weather.

They Can Dent

While metal roofs are strong units, their individual pieces may occasionally be struck by debris or large hailstones. Even strong metals can dent under the right conditions, and your roof is no exception. If your roof becomes dented, you’ll want to inspect it to make sure that the dent hasn’t bent in any of the seams. If so, a repair may be necessary. Even if not, dents can still be an ugly blemish on an otherwise cosmetically beautiful roof. If you believe your Florida home requires roof hail damage repair or replacement, Contact Elite Remodeling Services!

Metal Roofing


Lightning isn’t exactly a major concern with metal roofing unless your home is high in elevation and not surrounded by any closeby trees; in other words, it’s the tallest structure around for a while.

Even in these cases, the simple implementation of a grounding rod at the highest point of your roof will ensure that your home is protected from lightning strikes.

Other Possible Issues

Depending on how your roof is put together, you may experience issues like paint chipping or fading. Some roofs can be walked-upon, others shouldn’t be. While tough and durable, the surfaces of metal roofs can be easy to scratch. Just as with any other part of your home, you’ll want to treat it with care, inspect it regularly, and make sure to repair and issues right away to keep yourself and your family protected.

Making a Decision

Given all of the significant advantages and the few noteworthy disadvantages, a metal roof is absolutely one of the strongest choices you can make for your home. Elite Remodeling Services can get you a free estimate on your new metal roof with no obligations. Get in touch today!

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