Learn More About Your Soffit and Fascia

Home Exterior explained

More often than not you’ll hear roofing contractors mention of few industry terms that you might not know about or understand. A few common questions we get asked revolve around home exteriors, specifically the soffit and fascia.

So what is a soffit? The soffit is the bottom part of the roof area that overhangs the exterior wall of your home. Most soffits we see in Florida stick out one to three feet from your home’s exterior. Soffits near the gutter edges of your house should be vented to allow airflow to circulate throughout your attic and out the roofs’ vents.

The Fascia (as it sounds) is the face of the overhang. Gutters are often times nailed or secured to the Fascia. This is not to be confused with siding, which makes up the majority of your home’s exterior.

Soffit Panels


When it’s hot outside, your home needs a way to moderate the extreme Florida temperatures and vent moisture to prevent mold or water damage. There are many different kinds and styles of soffits, but panels provide a clean, finished look to your home’s eaves (overhang).

  • Architecturally pleasing design with home protection in mind
  • Engineered to prevent sagging while upholding a finished appearance
  • Best for ventilation, regardless of other options
  • Maximum airflow from perforated ventilation panels
  • Quality grade aluminum reduces maintenance costs
  • Aluminum provides low maintenance yet stylish alternative to wood

Fascia Wraps


If you have wooden fascia boards, adding a fascia wrap will provide stylish, yet low maintenance protection from the elements. For the most part, we install aluminum fascia wraps. Wraps are available in many different finishes to match the style of your home.

  • Superior protection for your home
  • Weather resistant, corrosive-free material
  • Custom built for your home
  • Perfect fit everytime
  • Aluminum wraps are low maintenance, built to last
  • Most have 20 year manufacturer’s warranty against chipping, fading, peeling.

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