Our Favorite Things to do in St Augustine, FL

St Augustine is a beautiful place, filled with fun and adventure for the whole family. It’s full of luxurious hotels and restaurants. It is the only location where visitors and residents alike get to enjoy the Fountain of Youth Archeological Park waters, a spot where Ponce de Leon may have landed.

Following are some of the things Elite Remodeling Services says not to miss when in St. Augustine, Florida.

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve

To tour the St. Augustine Wild Reserve, you have to make a booking, but its worth the extra hustle. Tours are held in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday every week. You can book a reservation through email. Kids under the age of 5 get free admission. An experienced wildlife professional gives the guests a guided tour of the reserve.

During the tour, the tour guide provides a detailed explanation of how various species came into the area. Visitors get a close-up view of the different exotic creatures housed in the reserve such as linos from Africa and tigers from Asia.

That’s not all though. Guests are treated to some rare animals such as the endangered orange and white tigers, leopards, guests also get to meet our flabbergasting orange tigers, white cougars, lynxes, coatimundis, hyena, and several species of wolves.

St. Augustine Distillery

The St. Augustine Distillery inspires and educates guests by showing them handcrafted, award-winning rum, bourbon whiskey, gin and vodka while all the time walking them through each step of the distillation. The entire spirits line is made from regional and local agricultural products. The outcome is irrefutable; Classic spirits that create the best conceivable local cocktails. Lucky visitors also get to sample some of the merchandise.

Flagler College

It is a historic campus located just four miles from the Atlantic Ocean in the heart of St. Augustine. The college is named for Henry Morrison Flagler, one of the founding fathers of St. Augustine. The hotel launched the careers of young architects including John Carrere and Thomas Hastings who also designed the Senate Office Buildings and the New York Public Library. The Flagler College was founded in 1968 and it was immediately recognized as a prestigious hotel.

The Memorial Presbyterian Church

The Memorial Presbyterian Church is not just any church. It is Florida’s First Presbyterian Church with a history spanning back to 1824. It was honored as one of the eight religious wonders in the United States, making it one of the must visit places in St. Augustine.

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