Cedar Shake Roof Repair & Replacement St Augustine, FL

Cedar Shake Roofing

In an ever increasingly artificial world, it’s nice to add a touch of an earthy aesthetic to our belongings. What better way to do that than to add incorporate a natural, wooden material into your home? You can also use these materials to shield and show off your home’s exterior, especially the roof.

Woody materials have been used as a roofing material for thousands of years, but only recently have construction firms been able to refine and incorporate the absolute best that nature has prepared for us. We’re talking about wood derived from cedar trees, especially when used as a wood shingle.

In addition to displaying vibrant, earthen hues, cedar shingles provide a series of benefits which other wood types of roofing lack. In this article Elite Remodeling of St Augustine, FL takes a closer look at cedar shake roofing.

Uniform Yet Unique

Each cedar shingle is cut to a standard size so that each unit fits perfectly in an overlapping pattern. Each piece is properly refined and tapered to ensure quality coverage and insulation across the entire roof. This alignment also looks pleasingly uniform at a distance.

Since each unit is derived from wood, the pieces all look unique. When viewed from a distance, this style of roofing will certainly make your home stand out from the cookie cutter homes that can be found in so many residential areas.

Does someone else in your neighborhood already have a cedar shake roof or are you looking for something particularly exotic? No problem! Cedar shingles come in a vast number of textures and colors. Also, the cedar shakers themselves can be cut to any length and width.

Get Protection That Matters

Since cedar shake roofs are comprised of organic material, they are highly resistant to a wide range of factors that have the potential to ruin your home’s interior and devastate your family’s finances and well-being. In fact, a properly installed cedar shake roof provides superb protection from even the most intense wind, thunder, and hailstorms.

As they are installed on inclined roofs and properly treated before installation, cedar shake roofs naturally repel debris kicked up from storms and snowmelt. The chemical properties of the cedar also make this style of roof a natural insulator, which will save you considerably in the long-term on heat bills.

Repairs Are Remarkably Simple

Since cedar shake roofing is made out of multiple, individual components, repairing this kind of roof is quite easier than with other styles of roofs. For example, metal roof panels must be torn from the structure when severely damaged. Also, some types of asphalt require labor-intensive removal and replacement. Worse, a cracked concrete roof may require complete replacement altogether.

Damaged cedar roofing is exceptionally easy to repair. The roofer can remove each damaged unit and replace it with a new cedar piece of the same size and style. Instead of paying for a large section of roofing or a brand-new roof to address only minor damage, you can save money when it comes to repairing cedar roofing.

Rather than blend in like a tree in the forest, every home should stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Your roof is one of the main ways to add curb appeal.

If you’re looking to get a new roof, have you considered cedar shake roofing? Contact Elite Remodeling Services  at (904) 657-8383 to learn more about the process.

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